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Band Members:

Björn Daigger -– rhythm guitar
Marcus Bielenberg -– bass
Tarek Maghary -– vocals
Michael Gräter -– drums
Rolf Munkes -– lead guitar


01. The Blessing
02. Hellforces
03. Dance With The Demon
04. Sons Of A New Millennium
05. Heavy Metal Desire
06. March For Victory
07. Like A Raptor
08. Guardians Of The Dragon Grail
09. Freedom Heart
10. Fight Forever
11. Nowhere Man
12. Metal Law 2006

Okay this is your metal disc complete with metal, battles, and dragons. The music on here is pretty damn good. Definitely well written stuff. This is Majesty's fourth release and it's another fine example of power metal. The songs are catchy and very energetic with strong vocals and great playing. They kind of remind me of Manowar a bit. The record has 12 tracks on it and I can assure you you'll be listening to every one of them and enjoying them all. This is a very powerful release and guess what? Udo Dirkschneider is a guest vocalist on "Metal Law 2006" which is definitely fitting.