Band Website:


Band Members:

Andi Deris -- vocals
Michael Weikath -- guitars
Sascha Gerstner -- guitars
Markus Grosskopf -- bass
Dani Loeble -- drums


CD 1:
01. Intro
02. The King For 1000 Years
03. Eagles Fly Free
04. Hell Was Made In Heaven
05. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
06. A Tale That Wasn't Right
07. Mr. Torture
08. If I Could Fly
09. Power
CD 2:
01. Future World
02. The Invisible Man
03. Mrs. God
04. I Want Out
05. Dr. Stein
06. Occasion Avenue
07. Halloween

This was probably one of Helloween's best tours ever. They toured three continents and then focused on Sao Paulo especially for this release. It's probably one of the best live CDs that I have ever heard. You actually feel like you're there at the show and those Brazilians really got into the show. The main focus was on the series of The Keeper Of The Seven Keys CDs. This is definitely an awesome release from my most favorite power metal band.