Band Website:

Band Members:
Scottie Henry -- guitar
Dan Tulloh -- guitar, bass
Jon Spencer -- vocals
Matt Beck -- guitar
Chris Raines -- drums


01. Meat Market
02. Go Ape
03. Life And Limb
04. Dear John
05. Leap Of Faith
06. U.V. I.V.
07. The Great White Noise
08. Comfort (The Iceman Cometh)
09. The Suicide Cult Is Dead
10. Kings Of The Food Chain
11. Ohm Driver

These guys are back on the scene with a pile driving CD that is going to knock your ass for a loop. If these remind you of bands like Scarlet and Norma Jean, that's no accident. The band has incorporated a guitarist from each band and they take the best from both bands and combine them into an asskicking hardcore romp. I guess when you need to inject a little something into your sound, there's nothing like self-help.