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Band Members:

Chad Smith -- bass, vocals
Bryan Gentry -- guitars
Steve Baca -- drums


01. My Eyes Itch
02. Weakman Suicide
03. Platinum Lie
04. Nobody Knows
05. Jacob's Ladder
06. Pipebomb
07. Suffocate The Truth
08. Bleed The Dream
09. Becoming
10. Raze To The Ground

This band hails from Las Vegas and they're rather reminiscent of bands like Hatebreed. I loved the CD because while it's fucking brutal and heavy, it also has a lot of melody and a groove to it that captures your attention and causes you to listen to it over and over again. There is a variety of vocals on it from deep throat shouting to melodic vocals so things don't get too boring. These guys have been in the underground for a bit touring with bands like Otep, Slipknot, and Lamb Of God and have acquired quite a loyal fanbase and I can definitely see why. Their songs are memorable and full of punch. The record is well balanced so I think people should really enjoy it.