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Band Members:

John Garcia -- vocals
David Angstrom -- guitars
Mike Callahan -- guitars
Chris Leathers -- drums
Dandy Brown -- bass, guitars


01. Kentucky
02. Exam Room
03. Dark Horse II
04. Left Side Bleeding
05. Out Of Key, But In The Mood
06. Hard Working Wall
07. Bona-fide
08. Don't Call Your Mama
09. Adoption Boy
10. At The Bar
11. Our Desert Home
12. Letters From Madrid

I guess what really amazes me about this record is that it was recorded in various areas because the members are in various areas and it was very fluidly produced and sounds like they were actually all together in the same room. A lot of musicians consider themselves artists and I would definitely call these guys artists. The songs are varied and diverse and intricate. There are a lot of grooves on here that would definitely rate being played on my fellow DJ Native's Almighty Groove show. Great guitar riffs and good rocking tunes. This is one of those CDs where you hear something new every time you play it. The songs vary from introspective to acoustic to experimental and aren't quite as much stoner as the last release was. A lot of the songs are raucous and fist pumping and make you want to do the boogie. Definitely a recommended pick up.