Band Website:
The Heys


Band Members:

Tom Flynn -- vocals, guitar
Jordan O'Sullivan -- guitar
Carl Sharpe -- bass
Mat Hobbs -- drums


01. Friday Night
02. Elbow Culture
03. Pressure
04. Brighten Up My Day
05. Young Bored & Broke
06. Don't
07. Arms & Legs
08. Hey
09. Get It On
10. Scene
11. Ain't Wot U Say
12. Clan Primate
13. Breakdown
14. Take It Easy

This CD was a lot of fun to listen to. It's obvious that these guys have a strong affinity for classic rock and roll music such as the Kinks and Rolling Stones which really has a timeless quality. The music is upbeat and does have an air of social observations without being too overbearing. The band has a really tight sound to them and the production is very well done. This the kind of music that you can play and get people up and dancing and partying to in pretty short order. All in all, it's a really great debut release for these young lads and it's great to see people who insist on playing good, quality music that's upbeat, fun to listen to, and doesn't have any negative vibes.