Band Website:
Holler, Wild Rose!


Band Members:

Ryan Cheresnick -- guitar
Lou D'Elia -- guitar
John Mosloskie -- vocals, guitar, bass
Mike Ortega -- keyboards, guitar
Scott Vangenderen -- bass, guitar
Ryan Smyth -- drums, percussion


01. Holler, Wild Rose!
02. First Selah
03. Marylawn Hair
04. Mercy Beat
05. Captive Train
06. Poor In Spirit
07. Second Selah
08. Sun Vines
09. Thief In Our Bed
10. Color That Sky
11. Third Selah
12. Promise Braid

This band hails from the Garden State known as New Jersey. This record was definitely an interesting listen. You get enveloped in this wall of sound that's just artfully done. It's very mellow music that takes you through an aural landscape of redemption and hope. Some of the songs sound quite modern and some sound like tunes you would have listened to back in the 60's. It's kind of interesting how many bands really seem to appreciate the music from that time period when people knew how to write songs. The songs flow together seemlessly with segues and sound effects. If you want some music that you can sit down and relax to, this is the CD for you.