Band Website:
Hollow Corp.


Band Members:

Lauren Michalak -- drums
Romain Fiorot -- bass
Matheiu Roszak -- guitar
Guillaume Schleret -- guitar
Stephane Azam -- vocals


01. Elevation
02. Inferno
03. Code
04. Peripherals
05. Sabbat
06. Opium
07. Samen
08. Thujon

This is a band out of France. They come from the wine region of the country known as Alsace and started at as a band called Coverage in 1999. They changed their name to Hollow Corp. in 2005 and they've been working on their sound ever since. They are described at combining hardcore dissonance and down tempo sludge. To me they sound like a combination of death metal and sludge and even have some progressive moments. They play a variety of styles and their songs can be anywhere from five to 12 minutes in length but they captivate your attention and the record flows seamlessly together. The vocal style is death metal in nature with some melodic singing. One of my favorite French metal bands is Gojira but these guys are definitely running a close second. They're defintely a band worth checking out.