Band Website:
Holy Moses


Band Members:

Sabina Classen -- vocals
Michael Hankel -- lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Oliver Jaath -- rhythm guitar
Atomic Steiff -- drums
Thomas Neitsch -- bass


01. Imagination
02. Alienation
03. World In Darkness
04. Bloodhound Of The Damned
05. Pseudohalluzination
06. Angels In War
07. Schizophrenia
08. Dissociative Disorder
09. The Cave (Paramnesia)
10. Delusional Denial
11. The Retreat
12. Through Shattered Minds/Agony Of Death (Outro)

Holy Moses hails from Germany and they've been together since the 80's but aren't really all that well known here in the States. They are an excellent thrash band and the one aspect that you really notice is the guitar work. Great riffs. They're fast and well exectuted. There a number of guests on the record who provide guitar solos such as Ralph Santolla, Trevor Peres, and Janos Murri. The vocals are also excellent as well and there are guests who also lend their vocal abilities such as Henning Basse, The Wolf, and Schmier. Sabina Classen is no slouch when it comes to vocals. She delivers quite well and she scream, screech, and growl with the best of them. The record is excellent, it's well produced and well written, and it definitely delivers a punch. I think people will definitely find themselves moshing, doing some air guitar, and air drumming. Definitely highly recommended.