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Music Is Art

Band Members:
Various Artists


01. The Answer - Last Conservative
02. Sooper - The Juliet Dagger
03. Here Is Gone (Live) - The Goo Goo Dolls
04. It - Agent Me
05. Apology - Klear
06. Buzzkill (Century Sessions) - Alison Pipitone
07. Outsid (Acoustic Version) - Terry Sullivan
08. Snifter (Clean Version) - Milkfat
09. Longlife (Excerpt)- Damien Simon
10. Suddenly Beautiful - Katrina Carlson
11. Napoleon (Remix) - Ani Defranco & Amungus

This CD was put out to help children with autism and other disabilities. Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls founded an organization called Music Is Art. It's always very nice to see artists come together to help a good cause and I think this one is a worthy one. The CD has a very good selection of artists and the songs apparently were well chosen. The CD contains unreleased music by these artists so if you want some really cool new music and help out a worthy cause, visit the website and buy a copy of the CD. You won't regret it.