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Band Members:

Olav Iversen -- vocals
Thomas Tofthagen -- guitar
Tom Cato Visnes -- bass
Einar Selvik -- drums


01. Intro: Parade Macabre
02. Repent
03. The Executioner Undead
04. The Alchemist
05. Rivers Running Dry
06. Whisper Of Abaddon
07. Godless Faith
08. Soul Exile
09. Boundless Demise
10. Black Passage

Here's some interesting trivia for you trivia minded folks. Three CDs were released on the same day. Gorgoroth, Sahg, and Jothunspor released CDs on the same day and King Ov Hell was a member of Gorgoroth and is a member of Sahg and Jothunspor. Busy fucker isn't he? Well Sagh is nothing at all like Gorgoroth and a lot of musicians need different outlets for their musical artistry. Sagh is a bit more rock oriented with some progressive touches and a bit of doom mixed in. There's a great groove to the songs and they're a bit modern with some retro in there. All in all a great release and a must have for stoner fans.