Band Website:
Iced Earth


Band Members:

Jon Schaffer -- guitars
Tim Owens -- vocals
Brent Smedley -- drums
Troy Steele -- guitar
Dennis Hayes -- bass


01. Overture
02. Something Wicked Pt. 1
03. Invasion
04. Motivation Of Man
05. Setian Massacre
06. A Charge To Keep
07. Reflection
08. Ten Thousand Strong
09. Execution
10. Order Of The Rose
11. Cataclysm
12. The Clouding
13. Infiltrate And Assimilate
14. Retribution Through The Ages
15. Something Wicked Part 2
16. The Domino Decree
17. Framing Armaggedon
18. When Star Collide (Born Is He)
19. The Awakening

Wow, just another incredible release by these guys. They sure know how to pen some ambitious and soaring melodic tours. Tim Owens' vocals are outstanding as usual. He just sings on such an operatic level. Incredible and passionate. There's just so much thought that goes into writing the lyrics and the music. I guess this story has been in the wings for a long time and took about 10 years to come to fruition. Good things come to those who wait. The album of course is a concept album of epic proportions with a fantastic storyline about invasion and destruction and being after someone else's secrets that you want to make your own. I want to say that it's really stupid to bitch about which singer is better which is something I've seen in a lot of reviews. Tim is now the vocalist and this other dude isn't. Once you get over that fact, you'll really enjoy this CD. The only thing I didn't dig at all was listening to Jon Schaffer every other minute telling me who he is and that I'm listening to their new album.