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Band Members:

Gerd Lücking -– drum
Simone Wenzel -– guitar
Michael Seifert -– vocals
Uwe Lulis -– guitar
Tomi Göttlich -– bass


01. In Memorandum Lindisfarnae
02. Ynglinga Saga
03. Sons Of The Dragon Slayer
04. Ragnhild's Dream
05. Harald Harfager
06. Eric The Red
07. Freedom
08. Treason
09. Sword In The Storm
10. Blood Rains
11. Ruling The Waves
12. Canute The Great
13. Harald Hadrade

Fucking Viking metal! Yeah! Boy is this one bombastic release or what? As you can imagine all the songs are about Vikings and all their battles and shit. The band was formed by two dudes who used to be in Gravedigger and I guess they aren't looking back. Apparently this is the first of a trilogy of albums about Vikings. The record starts off acoustically and gradually picks up steam. The songs are very heavy with complex compositions. There's definitely some great musicianship on this record and I think it's definitely a good choice for power metal fans. Go Vikings! And no, I'm not talking about the football team.