Band Website:

Band Members:

Biff Byford -- vocals
Doug Scarrat -- guitar
Paul Quinn -- guitar
Nibbs Carter -- bass
Nigel Glockler -- drums
Jorg Michael -- drums


Disc 1:
01. This Town Rocks
02. Backs To The Wall
03. Redline
04. Stand Up And Be Counted
05. Never Surrender
06. Frozen Rainbow
07. Suzie Hold On
08. Play It Loud
09. Warrior
10. See The Lights Shining
11. To Hell And Back Again
12. Stallions Of The Highway
13. Wheels Of Steel
14. And The Bands Played On
15. Crusader

Disc 2:
01. The Return
02. Lionheart
03. Man & Machine
04. Beyond The Grave
05. Searching For Atlantis
06. To Live By The Sword Pt. I
07. Unleash The Beast
08. To Live By The Sword Pt. II
09. Flying On The Edge
10. Jack Tars
11. English Man 'O' War
12. Court Of The Crimson King
13. Broken Heroes
14. Dragon's Lair
15. Rock Is Our Life
16. Travellers In Time
17. Solid Ball Of Rock

These guys have been kicking some major ass for over 20 years and this CD is a very good collection of material that's been recorded in several different European cities in 2004 and 2005. The song choices are the best part of the CD because they are all stellar songs. Biff Byford is still an stellar vocalist and the guys were definitely on top of their game when they performed these songs. If you're a huge Saxon fan like I am then you need to have this CD in your collection. Enough said.