Band Website:
Aldo Giuntini

Band Members:

Tony Martin -- vocals
Aldo Giuntini -- guitar
Fulvio Gaslini -- bass
Ezio Secomandi -- drums
Dario Patti -- keyboards


01. Gold Digger
02. Not Connected
03. Que Es La Vida
04. Early Warning
05. Fool Paradise
06. Tutmosis IV - Tarantula
07. Anno Mundi (The Vision
08. Disfunctional Kid
09. Mourning Star
10. Trouble Just Keeps Coming
11. The Closest Thing To Heaven
12. Memories In The Sand
13. Tarot Warrior

This particular band has been around for 13 years and is basically described as a project so you know these guys are doing other things most of the time. This is their third release and I must say that the more time you spend on something the better the quality. It's a very good melodic rock record with Tony Martin of Black Sabbath fame doing the vocals. I tell you what, this guy has definitely outdone himself on this record. The songs are well structured and well written with great guitar work on them. For those of you not familiar with Giuntini he's been playing music since the 80's and he founded a band called Cryin' Earth. He's a very good guitar player and for people who really enjoy good guitar riffs they will love this record.