Band Website:
Ill Niņo


Band Members:

Cristian Machado -- vocals
Dave Chavarri -- drums
Laz Pina -- bass
Ahrue Luster -- lead guitar
Danny Couto -- percussion
Diego Verduzco -- guitars


01. The Alibi Of Tyrants
02. Pieces Of The Sun
03. Finger Painting (With The Enemy)
04. March Against Me
05. Compulsion Of Virus and Fever
06. Formal Obssession
07. Hot Summer's Tragedy
08. Me Gusta La Soledad
09. 2012
10. Guerilla Carnival
11. Estoy Perdido
12. Kellogg's, Bombs, & Cracker Jacks
13. De Sangre Hermosa

The first time I was introduced to Ill Niņo was seeing them live and I really loved them. They are a good metal band and they use Latin percussion which sets them apart from other metal bands. I enjoy the Latin percussion and also the mixture of English and Spanish songs. They also incorporate different types of Latin guitar styles as well. The songs are aggressive, brutal, and yet have a distinct flavor all their own. Definitely an asskicking record that I was glad to review.