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Band Members:

Anders Høyvik Hidle -- guitars, vocals
Østen Bergøy -- vocals
Vibeke Stene -- vocals
Rune Østerhus -- bass
Kenneth Olsson -- drums
Einar Moen -- synth, programming


01. Mecryside
02. Sanguine Sky
03. Open Ground
04. The Ravens
05. Destination Departure
06. Down
07. Fate
08. Lotus
09. Sacrilege
10. Deadlands

I love this band because I think Vibeke has an extremely good voice and I love how her voice intertwines with the guy's voice. I loved Ashes and I really like this record as well because it isn't a repeat of Ashes. It stands on its own. I really liked "Mercyside" because of the really good guitar work on that one and the changes in the song. Definitely stellar work. The songs are a really good variety and the whole record grips you. The songs really flow well and I think people will really enjoy the record.