Band Website:

Band Members:
Mike Martin -- bass
Matt Kanzler -- drums
Joel Gregoire -- guitar
Gary Belin -- vocals
Rick Flores -- keyboards


01. Imagine
02. Alive
03. Endeavor
04. How Far
05. Role Model
06. The Waiting
07. Ion Drive
08. Face The Day
09. Time

This was definitely an awesome CD. Progressive metal is definitely an art form. It's music that is done with great care and attention to detail and incorporates a number of instruments. These guys are very talented and it shows on this release. Each musician does his part to make sure everything comes together seamlessly and there aren't egos at work here. No endless solos but still showing that they have perfected their craft. I found no filler on here at all. As a matter of fact it seemed a bit short but I'm sure the next release will fill the void.