Band Website:
In Battle


Band Members:

Odhinn Sandin -- vocals
Hasse Carlsson -- guitars
John Frölen -- bass
Nils Fjellström -- drums


01. Kingdom Of Fear
02. The Multitude
03. The Wandering One
04. Follow The Allfather
05. Tyr
06. The Dead Shall See
07. The Curse
08. I Kamp
09. Terrorkings
10. Path Of Power
11. Raven Calls

This is a band that hails from Sweden and they're a death metal band even though there's some black metal and thrash in their sound as well. The record is pretty intense with blast beats and guitar riffs but every so often they slow down a bit. However, that doesn't last long. These people play at a frantic pace but at the same time there's a groove to it as well. You basically have your death metal vocals which are very intense and aggressive. I mean that guy brings chills down your spine. This is one of those bands that have members of other rather well known metal bands and they come together in a ferocious spine tingling explosion of sound that's guaranteed to kick your ass.