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Band Members:

John McEntee -- guitar, vocals
Kyle Severn -- drums
Reyash -- bass
Alex -- guitar


01. Primordial Domination
02. The Fallen Priest
03. Dissolute Rule/Begin Apocalypse
04. Hailed Babylon
05. Lead To Desolation
06. Dontrines Of Reproach
07. The Stench Of Crucifixion
08. Extirpated Dominus
09. Conquered God

A number of my friends are Incantation fans and I can see why. This is my first exposure to this band and they definitely kick some fucking ass. This is some intensely dark metal. It's a good mixture of tracks with with blazing fast tracks and some slow parts mixed in, blastbeats from hell, and vocals that sound like Satan himself. Basically the kind of shit that I like. The vocalist is definitely what you would expect a death metal vocalist to sound like. If you want some demonic metal, put this shit on.