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Band Members:

Tommy Shaw -- guitar
Jack Blades -- guitar, vocals


01. Summer Breeze
02. Time Of The Season
03. Your Move
04. I Am A Rock
05. Lucky Man
06. The Sound Of Silence
07. California Dreamin'
08. On A Carousal
09. Dirty Work
10. For What It's Worth
11. Dance With me

This was a pretty cool CD. Jack and Tommy basically covered songs that influenced them to become the musicians that they are today. What I really liked is that the covers they did, they did in their own style and they really made the songs their own. I was really impressed with the songs that they chose to cover because those tunes really are classic. I think "The Sound Of Silence" is one of the best written songs that I've ever heard. Very cool record. Makes you want to go back and check out those classics again.