Band Website:
Danny Vaughn

Band Members:
Danny Vaughn -- vocals, guitar
J.M. Scattolin -- guitar
Fabrizion V. Zee -- bass, keyboards
Joachin Cannaiuolo -- drums


01. Nothing At All
02. Suddenly
03. Fight For Love
04. Losing Game 05. Damn
06. Stop
07. Relentless
08. Blessing In Disguise
09. Is Anybody Watching Me?
10. Always
11. Beautiful Goodbye

This is a release from Danny Vaughn of Tyketto fame. I've listened to it a number of times and it really grows on me. It's everything you want in a melodic hard rock album. I love the vocals the most. There are so many great vocal harmonies on here along with classic rock riffs and catchy hooks. Of course you also have your power ballads. I mean what really good rock record doesn't have those sweet babies? Remember the good old days of arena rock? Well this boy delivers on those with very articulate songwriting and just melodic music that makes you want to pump your fist in the air. Well, when no one's looking anyway.