Band Website:
Martin Motnik

Band Members:
Martin Motnik -- bass, keyboards
Gregg Bissonette -- drums
Mattias Eklundh -- guitar


01. Bee On Speed
02. Delayed
03. Where's The Referee?
04. Disease
05. Arizona Sunset
06. Don't Forget To Floss!
07. Recepción Con Champán
08. Vinyl Concerto
09. Stages Of Ages
10. Pickpocket Prelude
11. King Of The Monsters
12. Simpsons Theme
13. YYZ
14. Bee On Weed

I've done a number of CD reviews on instrumental guitar CDs but this was the first one I reviewed where it was an instrumental bass CD. The man is definitely a master of his instrument and he showecases his techniques and music styles but even if you're not into all that you can still enjoy the release. The instrumental passages are quite enjoyable to the ear and the guys are very creative. The compositions definitely cover a wide spectrum. It's definitely a CD you can put in the stereo or car and enjoy listening to. Some of the tunes are ballad like, others are on the funky side and still others kick you in the ass sonically. German guitarist Mattias Eklundh is on a couple of songs as well. There's also a cover of Rush's "YYZ". With three powerhouses on this CD, how could they go wrong?