Band Website:
Fifty Caliber Kiss


Band Members:

Nate -- vocals
Todd -- guitar, vocals
Mike -- drums
Metal J -- guitar
Hans -- bass


01. This Wire Cuts Easily Through Meat And Bone
02. Hide The Razor
03. High Is The New Low
04. The Moment You Realize You've Made A Terrible Mistake
05. Protection From The Sky
06. Epicness Of Saganess
07. Magnets Are For Lovers
08. Sink/Burn

This band is lauded as Iron Maiden meeting Pantera and I can see that. They have the energy, the heaviness, and yet a very modern edge as well. From start to finish they kick your ass. "Hide The Razor" is definitely a tune I love on this record. The band is energetic and has a punk ass attitude. This is definitely a band you need to look out for and I can only imagine how they are live. There's also a video on here for "Hide The Razor".