Band Website:
The Lashes

Band Members:

Ben Clark -- lead vocals
Scotty Rickard -- guitar
Nate Mooter -- bass, vocals
Eric Howk -- guitar
Mike Loggins -- drums
Jacob Hoffman -- keyboards, vocals


01. New Best Friend
02. Daddy's Little Girl
03. Sometimes The Sun
04. Safe To Say
05. Please, Please, Please
06. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
07. Dear Hollywood
08. Yesterday Feels Like A Year
09. Nate's Song
10. The World Needs More Love Letters
11. Wanna Girl

This band hails from Seattle and no they aren't a grunge band. They are a power pop band and they are here to rock your ass off. All six of these boys are very talented at what they do and if you like old school rock and roll then these guys put a fresh face on that. There is no filler material on this release and the CD rocks from beginning to end. The whole album is solid and while there's nothing really revolutionary about it, it's a fresh breath of air in a stale music environment.