Band Website:
Johnny Smoke


Band Members:

Garrett Crumb -- vocals
Anthony J. Carbone -- guitars
Scott Dasson -- bass
Joe Szembrot -- drums


01. Don't
02. Walk Away
03. Real Love
04. Nowhere
05. Gun Shoot
06. For A Dollar
07. Freedom
08. What's The Matter With That
09. Barely Alive
10. Misfit Isle

I checked out this CD. These guys are kind of a throwback to old school rock and roll. Reminds me of a band I checked out once called The Dead Kidz. Same kind of sound. They have an old school sound but a freshness and dangerous quality as well. The songs that I thought stood out were "For A Dollar", "What's The Matter With That", and "Barely Alive". These guys give you a breath of fresh air in a rather stale rock market. Chances are you won't hear these guys on radio so pick up their disc at CD Baby and be prepared to rock.