Band Website:


Band Members:

Ben -- guitar
Tony -- drums
Brian -- bass
Myke -- vocals
Nick -- guitar


01. Semitone
02. Homeauxthug
03. Skingraft
04. Home
05. Flight Of The Failure
06. Tale Of The Leper
07. Deadbeat
08. Elate And Subtract
09. Funeral March
10. Belle Gunness
11. Harmony
12. Nickel And Dime

This band hails from Richmond, VA and they are basically a blend of thrash, death, and noise metal. This is their full-length debut and there's a lot of variety on the record. And when I mean variety I do mean variety. Anything from acoustic to midtempo songs to fast paced songs. There's a lot of technical work but nothing causes you to lose interest in the music. Of course you have screams and growls. It's basically a very heavy fucking record.