Band Website:
Jungle Rot


Band Members:

James Genenz -- bass
Dave Matrise -- vocals, guitar
Neil Zacharek -- drums
Geoff Bub -- guitar


01. Victims Of Violence
02. Cut In Two
03. Savage Rite
04. They Gave Their Lives
05. Strong Shall Survive
06. Decapitated
07. Ready For War
08. Ambushed
09. Fight For Life
10. Territoriality
11. Killing Spree

This is a death metal band that has been around for 10 years and have quite a lot of groove in their material. There are some great riffs, good melodies, and just the right amount of brutality. Not to mention that you can understand the vocals. It reminds one of early Deicide and Obituary. If you're looking for some good crushing metal that has no pretenses, then check them out.