Band Website:


Band Members:

Ron Langford -- vocals, bass, synthesizer, keyboards
Bobby Blackmon -- guitars
Tamara Venus Star -- vocals
Jason Whisman -- drums
Dan Marshall -- backing bass vocals, mix


01. Dragon Prophecy
02. The Dragon Calls Me
03. Dragon Sea
04. Scales And Wings
05. As Heavy As A Dragon
06. Guardian Dragon
07. Piasa
08. Maud And The Dragon
09. The Golden Dragon
10. Fafnirs Tale
11. The Dragons Dog
12. Dragon Metal
13. Facing The Dragon
14. Dragon Haze

I've had the pleasure of reviewing one of their CDs. These guys are influenced by a lot of different styles of music and they manage to blend all of that into dragon metal. They apparently have a new lead singer and she is totally amazing. Once you start listening to the CD you will be hooked on dragon metal. What is dragon metal you ask. Well it's a combination of goth, power, and doom metal and the songs are about dragons. Sometimes they kind of border on death metal a bit but only just a tad. I totally enjoyed Fire Red Perception and this latest fare is even better.