Band Website:
Crescent Shield


Band Members:

Michael Grant -- vocals
Daniel DeLucie -- guitars
Melanie Sisneros -- bass
Craig Anderson -- drums


01. Above Mere Mortals
02. Slaves To The Metal Horde
03. Rise Of The Red Crescent Moon
04. Burn with Life
05. The Last Of My Kind
06. North For The Winter
07. The Path Once Chosen
08. The Great Devoid
09. Unfinished Ashes
10. Await The Champion
11. The Passing

This is a rather interesting band. It consists of guys from Destiny's End, Onward, New Eden, and Seven Witches so you have some pretty experienced and well talented musicians here. All of the aforementioned bands have put out some great stuff recently and it comes as no surprise that this release is full of great stuff. It's packed with 11 songs that are really strong and cohesive and there's some really great production work as well. I even even rather enjoyed the artwork as it pretty much conveys the theme of the CD. Cruz Del Sur sure has a way of picking up on some really good bands. A lot of thought and talent grace this CD and I think people will definitely enjoy it.