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Band Members:

Bryan Cegon -- vocals
James Murphy -- lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Jason Carman -- rhytm guitar
Tommy Viator -- drums


01. De Profundis
02. Stench Of Paradise Burning
03. Beyond The Flesh
04. In Sufferance
05. Monarch Of The Sleeping Marches
06. Soul Erosion
07. Entranced
08. Confine Of Shadows
09. Deadspawn
10. Sea Of Tears
11. Immemorial Dream
12. Stench Of Paradise Burning (demo)
13. Soul Erosion (demo)
14. Confine Of Shadows (demo)

If you're a fan of bands like Obituary, Death, or Malevolent Creation then you'll definitely dig Disincarnate. It's old school death metal at its finest. James Murphy is an excellent guitarist and you can get a good taste of his work on this metal treat. Some of the best songs on here are "Stench Of Paradise Burning", "Soul Erosion", and "Monarch Of The Sleeping Marches". This is a remastered version of the classic complete with three bonus tracks of demos. It's a piece of blistering melodic death metal and there are even talks of a new Disincarnate album coming out if James Murphy is healthy enough to do one. Let's hope he is.