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Band Members:

Anders Grahn -- vocals, guitars
Alexander Holmgren -- vocals, guitars
Fredrik Silfverberg - guitars
Staffan Widerström - bass
Marcus Liliequist - drums


01. I Don't Need You
02. Two Of A Kind
03. What If
04. One Of The Greatest Love Stories
05. Make It Home
06. You Make Me Love This World
07. Nobody Else
08. Be With Me
09. Easy Way Out
10. Invisible
11. As We Speak

This was the first time I heard this band and I really loved their sound. Sweden has so many awesome bands such as Backyard Babies and Hellacopters. It's great to listen to another good band out of that country. The musicianship is excellent and the vocalist does an awesome job. There is no filler material and if you're a fan of melodic rock with great catchy songs then these guys are what you've been waiting for.