Band Website:
My Dying Bride


Band Members:

Aaron Stainthorpe -- vocals
Ade Jackson -- bass
Andrew Craighan -- guitars
Hamish Glencross -- guitars
Sarah Stanton -- keyboards
John Bennett -- drums


01. To Remain Tombless
02. L'Amour Detruit
03. I Cannot Be Loved
04. And I Walk With Them
05. My Raven Wings
06. Love's Intolerable Pain
07. One of Beauty's Daughters
08. Deeper Down
09. The Blood, The Wine, The Roses

This is My Dying Bride's ninth studio release and they definitely know how to be dark and creepy and show you a side to people that best remains unknown. These guys are definitely the undisputed kings of doom and gloom and harbingers of bad tidings. There aren't as much growling and screaming on this release but that doesn't detract from it any. It adds a new dimension actually. It's a very melodic, dark, and heavy release.