Band Website:
King's X


Band Members:

Doug Pinnick -- bass
Jerry Gaskill -- drums
Ty Tabor -- guitars, vocals


01. Pray
02. Blue
03. Repeating Myself
04. Rocket Ship
05. Julie
06. Alright
07. Broke
08. I Just Want To Live
09. Move
10. I Don't Know
11. Stuck
12. Go Tell Somebody
13. Love And Rockets (Hell's Screaming)
14. No Lie

This trio out of Houston, TX has been recording music together for 25 years and they are still definitely the kings at what they do. They write groove-laden songs that have a lot of great melody, great hooks, and great choruses. It's definitely some of their heaviest music so far. King's X is probably one of the most underrated bands ever but that doesn't stop them from releasing one good release after another. This release is phenomenal in that there isn't a bad song on the whole disc and the one song that really caught my attention was "Go Tell Somebody". That song says it all. Go tell somebody about this great music. The album is cohesive and goes from one mood to another with ease. The songs just flow really well. All of the songs on the disc could easily be played on radio. Some of my other favorites are "Julie", "Free", and "I Don't Know". The riffs are just great and the production is great too. Doug and Ty trade off vocals and even Jerry Gaskill sings a tune on this release called "Julie". All in all an incredible release and I know I'll be listening to this over and over.