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Band Members:

Lucia Cifarelli -- vocals
Jules Hodgson -- guitars, bass, synths, programming
Sascha Konietzko -- vocals, analogue synths, bass, programming
Andy Selway -- drums, programming
Steve White -- guitar, synths, programming


01. Superpower
02. Looking For Strange
03. Tohuvabohu
04. I Am What I Am
05. Saft Und Kraft
06. Headcase
07. Los Ninos Del Parque
08. Not In My Name
09. Spit Or Swallow
10. Fait Accompli
11. Bumaye

KMFDM has been around for 23 years entertaining folks with their industrial style dance music and their thought provoking lyrics and this being their 16th release, you can definitely expect them to deliver once again. "Superpower" kicks off the record and I really love that song out of all them. I think I can say that's my favorite one on the record. You've got your guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, and a saxophone. They also play samples of fans calling in to talk about how they feel about KMFDM. The song rather sounds like they're bragging about themselves but I think they can boast a little. Lucia Cifarelli sings on six of the tracks and she brings a rather punkish quality to the music. She definitely fits in with the band. The record has a good groove to it and it definitely rocks. If you're new to the industrial genre I think I recommend this band.