Band Website:
Diet Kong


Band Members:

Keith Keith -- vocals, keyboards
Alan Ess -- guitars, vocals
FS -- bass, drums, keyboards, guitars
Vin Ess -- drums


01. Kid_System
02. Very Hot
03. Much Love In The Evil Sound
04. Lines & Lines
05. Primadonna
06. With Magic
07. Still Got Heat
08. Make A Mistake
09. Kill The R.a.t.i.o.
10. Waking The Body

These guys hail from New York and dabble in different genres of music. They have a pretty distinctive sound. They mix garage rock, punk, new wave, and pop and come out with a pretty interesting product. They talk about mixing art and music and for some reason that reminds me of Andy Warhol. Maybe it's supposed to. It's kind of a new wave sounding band. You have to listen to the CD several times and as I do I find myself liking it more and more. It's definitely got some rocking songs on it. I definitely love the intro on "Kid System". That song is definitely quite artsy. "Primadonna" is a good rocking tune that I like as well and "With Magic" is another favorite. Definitely a fun record that I like to play on my radio show.