Band Website:

Band Members:

Mike -- vocals
Nick -- guitar
Cody -- guitar
Aaron -- bass
Andy -- drums


01. Juggernaut
02. Our Emancipation
03. Karmageddon
04. Hell Bent
05. Gridlock
06. I Pledge Agrievance
07. Megabrain
08. Mission: De-Evolution
09. Decaying Waste
10. Dragon Pie

This CD starts out pretty brutal and keeps the pace up all the way through. While these guys from Phoenix aren't bringing you anything new, they still can rupture your spleen. The drums grind you down to the core, the guitar riffs are brutal, and the vocals sound like something that just came out of Hell and is really pissed. The drummer apparently used to be in Job For A Cowboy so that definitely helps things out a bit. If you're looking for some really good deathcore maybe you should check these guys out.