Band Website:

Band Members:
Gard -- vocals, guitars
Rinn -- guitars
Grimd -- bass
Sarke -- drums


01. Krek
02. Blod Og Blek
03. Innestengt I Eikekiste
04. Oskorei
05. Byrde
06. Lysets Flukt
07. Grepet Om Kniven
08. Midvinterblot
09. Varde
10. Silur Wie

Khold is a black metal band out of Norway and I absolutely love the gurgling vocals on this record. The CD is apparently gurgled in Norwegian which lends a kind of evilness overall. Coupled with the fact that a thunderstorm is taking place as I listen to the CD in the dead of night, I can just imagine a vampire appearing in the window leering at me. These guys definitely have a unique quality to them. The guitar riffs on this record are interesting. On some songs they are fast paced but on others they are slowed down a bit which makes the songs sound really eerie. The songs are hypnotic and you find yourself headbanging as you listen to the CD. So let Khold put you in a trance and take you down a dark path of great guitar riffs and damn fine drum work and gurgling vocals. This is definitely not your run of the mill black metal.