Band Website:
Lana Lane


Band Members:

Lana Lane -- vocals
Erik Norlander -- keyboards, bass
Ernst Van Ee -- drums
Peer Verschuren -- guitars


01. Into The Fire
02. The Frozen Sea
03. Capture The sun
04. Jessica
05. Stepford, USA
06. Shine
07. Lazy Summer Day
08. No Tears Left
09. Save The World
10. Angels And Magicians
11. The Sheltering Sorrow
12. Red Planet Boulevard

This is Lana's latest studio release and like the rest of her releases, is absolutely fantastic. I can't get enough of her voice. The musical landscape is quite lush and spacious with incredible instrumentation that only Lana and Erik and their ensembles can dream up. They apparently recorded this both in the Netherlands and in San Francisco. The production is absolutely excellent. Erik Norlander always knows what he's doing in that department. Once again the artwork is fantastic as well. Out of all the CD covers, hers are always awesome works of art and that's what makes me enjoy her music so much. You can sit there and listen to her songs and look at the cover and it all fits together perfectly. I was a little surprised to see how few musicians there were on this particular release but the sound is still grand and bombastic. All in all, another stellar release from the lady of rock herself. Drive on down to Red Planet Boulevard and get prepared for an intergalactic treat.