Band Website:
Lana Lane


Band Members:

Lana Lane -- vocals
Erik Norlander -- keyboards
Vinny Appice -- drums
Tony Franklin -- bass
George Lynch -- guitars
Mark McCrite -- guitars, vocals
Kelly Keeling -- vocals
David Schiff -- flute


01. White Room
02. White Rabbit
03. Long Long Way From Home
04. You Can Never Go Home
05. Breathe Introduction
06. Johnny Moon
07. Breathe In The Air
08. On The Run
09. Time
10. Breathe Reprise
11. Dream Of The Archer
12. Starrider
13. Sunshine Of Your Love
14. Wooden Ships
15. Nights In White Satin

I was introduced to this great lady quite a number of years ago when I did my first interview with her. Everything this lady puts out is just amazing. The music is amazing and she has the most powerful vocals that I've ever heard come out of a woman. This CD is a release of tunes that she decided to cover in her style and I think she does a damn good job. I was delighted to see that she picked "White Rabbit" as a tune to cover because that is definitely one of my most favorite songs. I also love the cover of "Nights In White Satin". She definitely makes you want to revisit these bands. I was also delighted to see who was in her backing band on this release. To see George Lynch on there as the one who gives us these amazing guitar riffs was definitely a pleasant surprise. I really think this is one of the most outstanding cover CDs I've heard in a long time.