Band Website:
My Ruin

Band Members:
Tairrie B. -- vocals
Mick Murphy -- guitar
Chris Lisee -- bass guitar
Jason Brunk -- drums


01. Nature Boy
02. Silverlake
03. The Devil Walks
04. Spilling Open
05. Cold Hands Warm Heart
06. Metamorphis
07. Summer Of Hell
08. Vince Vaughn
09. Invitation Of Christ
10. Touch Me I'm Sick

This CD was my introduction to My Ruin and I have to say that this definitely a kickass release. The music is heavy and the vocalist kicks your ass with her well crafted lyrics and brutally passionate voice. They have an infectious blend of punk, rock, metal, and attitude. I liked the way the CD started out with a spoken litany and then afterwards you get sonically assaulted. They do a cover of Mudhoney's "Touch Me I'm Sick" which ends the disc. All in all the record has a damn infectious groove to it and you'll probably find yourself playing air drums or air guitar. It's that good. Definitely a CD that kicks your ass first and doesn't bother asking any questions later.