Band Website:
Blackmore's Night

Band Members:

Candice Night -- vocals
Ritchie Blackmore -- guitar
Bard David -- keyboards
Lady Madeline -- backing vocals
Lady Nancy -- backing vocals
Squire Malcolm -- percussion
Sir Robert -- bass, guitar


01. 25 Years
02. Village Lanterne
03. I Guess It Doesn't Matter
04. The Messenger
05. World Of Stone
06. Faerie Queen
07. St. Teresa
08. Village Dance
09. Mond Tanz / Child In Time
10. Streets Of London
11. Just Call My Name
12. Olde Mill Inn
13. Windmills
14. Street Of Dreams

This is the second Blackmore Night's CD I've received for review and I must say while it's a departure from Blackmore's Deep Purple and Rainbow days, he still plays a mean guitar. He can still rock with the best of them. This is basically Renaissance music and goes hand in hand with these Renaissance fairs where people dress up like folks back in the days of yore and all that shit. While that doesn't do much for me, the music does. It's just really beautiful stuff and Candice's vocals are mesmerizing and serene and passionate. They even do a version of Deep Purple's "Child In Time" and rework it into a Renaissance version. They've got some harder rocking songs on here which I like such as "I Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore" and "St. Teresa" but I also dig "Faerie Queen". It makes you want to get up and do a jig. All in all this is a really cool album and I think people who want to hear another side of Blackmore should pick it up.