Band Website:
DJ Starscream


Band Members:

Sid Wilson


01. Introducing The New Leader
02. Deadman Remix
03. Step To These
04. Sword Sharpening Remix
05. FFwd Rew
06. Rough This Year
07. Kyukyoku "Fight" Remix
08. Riot In New York Remix
09. Twinpusher
10. Come On Remix
11. Swaying Vio-lyn
12. LA Head Space

I put this CD in the player not knowing what to expect actually because I don't much about this DJ stuff. Is this shit ever diverse. Reggae mixed with classical mixed with techno mixed with hardcore. I imagine if you're dancing to this shit you must look like you're on a cocktail of different drugs. I have to admit that I've never heard anything like this in my life but I fucking like it. Anyone who tells me they're going to rip my fucking head off is off to a good start. Music isn't good unless it rips your fucking head off. "Deadman Remix" is an awesome fucking track because it's nothing but drums and bass. There is such a variety of material on here that I'm sure there's something for everyone. It's my first introduction to DJ stuff and so far so good.