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Band Members:

Jenna Sanz-Agero -- vocals
Jan Kuehnemund -- guitar
Lynn Louise Lowrey -- bass guitar
Kat Kraft -- drums


01. Anyway
02. Live & Learn
03. I Try
04. Little Voice
05. Pacifist
06. Don't Want It Anymore
07. Love Song
08. Angry
09. I'm Sorry
10. You Wish
11. Suffragette City
12. Give Me Away

Well apparently the band has undergone a very big change and there is only one original member left. It's nice to hear some new material from these ladies and it's quite guitar driven which is awesome. There are definitely some good tunes on the record. The only problem with having a new vocalist is that it changes the sound of the band a bit but sometimes that can be for the best as in the case of Van Halen. This doesn't sound like the Vixen that we old timers are accustomed to but it does seem to have a fresh modern sound with some old school riffage. Check it out.