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Band Members:

Kevin Lee -- vocals, guitar
Brent Seatter -- guitar, vocals
Erik Strommer -- drums
Dann Morr -- bass, vocals
Peter Spero -- keyboards


01. Built To Burn
02. Save Me Tonight
03. All I Want
04. Can't Believe Your Mine
05. Won't Shed A Tear
06. Hollywood Trash
07. Strange
08. She's On Fire
09. Mr. Misery
10. End Of The Line

I have to come right out and say that this guy reminds me a lot of Tom Petty. Great strong song structures, good lyrical content, great hooks and melodies, and most of all a consummate storyteller. To me songs are stories that are told in a different way, they're sung. Tom Petty has always been a master of that and so is Kevin. I think it's awesome that there are people out there today who believe in a good story. The guitar melodies just carry you away while you listen to his stories. I was listening to "Won't Shed A Tear" and that song had some pretty strong meaning to me. When a songwriter can capture your attention and make you relate to his songs, he has succeeded. There's nothing better than listening to a disc where every tune has you rocking. Great job!