Band Website:

Band Members:

Andi Deris -- vocals
Michael Weikath -- guitar
Sascha Gerstner -- guitar
Markus Grosskopf -- bass
Dani Loeble -- drums


CD 1:
01. The King For A 1000 Years
02. The Invisible Man
03. Born On Judgment Day
04. Pleasure Drone
05. Mrs. God
06. Silent Rain
CD 2:
01. Occasion Avenue
02. Light The Universe (feat. Candice Night)
03. Do You Know What You’re Fighting For?
04. Come Alive
05. Shade In The Shadow
06. Get It Up
07. My Life For One More Day

I have always been a huge Helloween fan. These guys been around for nearly 30 years and they continue to put out pounding power metal. These guys have a trademark sound but yet constantly reinvent themselves in a ever changing metal world. Andi Deris is one of the best vocalists in the genre and he definitely outdoes himself on this release. I think it definitely represents the band where it is now and and does not take away from the previous Keeper releases no matter what other people think. The production is awesome, the lyrical content is great, and it's just hard to stop listening to it. I think part of the problem is that some people have not accepted the fact that Kiske is out of the band and Deris is in it. The songs are consistent and I think the record holds together fine. Buy it.