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Band Members:

Anders Tillaeus -- vocals, guitar
Fredrik Tillaeus -- keyboards
Sinisa Krnjaic -- bass
Fabian Lundgren -- guitar
Martin Lundgren -- drums


01. One Quick Look
02. O.T.M.
03. Bugbear
04. Calling You
05. You Are Not The Highlight Of My Life
06. What Are You Waiting For
07. Fall With Me
08. Heartless
09. Deep Mode
10. Nothing To Lie About
11. Letting Go
12. Accidents

This is a band from Sweden that is made up of two sets of brothers and a friend. Apparently they've made quite an impression in Sweden and I can see why. The songs are very catchy. Great harmonies. Well written songs and a very cohesive album. Tight musicianship. You'll definitely be blasting this in the car and singing along. I think pop and rock fans will definitely love this harmonious and melodic music.