Band Website:
Candlelight Records


Band Members:
Daemon -- vocals, guitars
Morfeus -- lead guitar, electronics, drum programming, samples


01. A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories
02. A Void Of Lifeless Dreams
03. Grace By Torments
04. Infernal Phantom Kingdom
05. Legacy Of Evil
06. Lycanthropic Tales
07. Nebulous Dawn
08. Seven Doors Of Death
09. Twilight Omen
10. Unleashed From Hell

This band hails from Norway and were together for a decade before calling it quits. Then on June 6, 2006, BWAHAHA, they got back together. They have returned with a very aggressive black metal record. The keyboard work is very symphonic and orchestral sounding but the guitars are more prominent on this particular release and it sounds really good with the heavier emphasis on guitars. The songs flow together quite nicely with slow, darker songs and more aggressive and brutal, faster tracks. The vocals are your typical death and black metal style vocals that are very prominent in the mix. All in all a great return for these black metal masters. It's amazing to think that this huge sounding record is put out by merely two people.