Band Website:
Unwritten Law


Band Members:

Scott Russo -- vocals
Steve "Kid" Morris -- guitar
Tony Palermo -- drums
PK -- bass


01. Shoulda Known Better
02. Oblivion
03. She Says
04. Save Me
05. Celebration Song
06. Rest Of My Life
07. Rescue Me
08. Seein' Red
09. Blame It On Me
10. How Do You Feel
11. Up All Night
12. Lonesome
13. Caillin
14. Cali Sky
15. Teenage
16. Harmonic
17. Shallow
18. Superman
' 19. C.P.K.

Unwritten Law was a pop-punk band back in the 1990's that wrote some pretty fucking good material. This is basically a best of collection of some their hit songs but they've tweaked with a bit. There are also a couple of new tunes as well. Most of the songs are off their recent releases. If you've never listened to this band before I highly recommend that you buy this release, listen to it, and then obtain all albums ever released.