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Band Members:

Anton -- swooshes, bleeps, twiddly noises
Fiddler -- guitar, vocals
Marek -- drums, vocals
Martin -- bass, vocals


01. Destroy The Mother Ship
02. Tempest
03. Lost Stations
04. Under The Sign
05. Planetfall
06. Psychic Projection
07. Singularity
08. Helios
09. Expanding Universe
10. Machine Age
11. Far Beyond
12. Planetfall/Seti

This is definitely a delightful feast of rock that sounds unlike most of what you hear these days. I've seen this referred to as space rock and it definitely has that sort of feel to it. The guitar riffs and synths and various sounds make for a rather pleasurable listening experience. The bass is nice and heavy and the vocals are very harmonious. There are also some cool solos on here and you can tell Litmus has prog and heavy rock influences as well. I found this record to be pretty impressive and I think others will too.